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How much does a website cost?

We specialize in a bespoke service. Every website requires various amounts of work to complete. We give you an amazing unique website to your specification. We give consultations to develop your idea further, we are designing icons, navigation menus, we animate, we customise, we arrange photography or video production, we inspire you and we develop great content to get you found in google. What we offer is much more than a simple site building service.

You will be informed of updates at every step of the process, this is a 1st class service and we have testimonials to prove that. If you want a great website and help to get your business off the ground and onto the web, or you already have a site that's out dated then please get in touch, inquiries are treated with no obligation. 
Monthly Hosting

Hosting Packages

So what is hosting anyway? 

Hosting is an essential service that comes with every website, without hosting we would be unable to put your site online. Hosting is a service provided by a specialist company who own large servers, they then rent out the use of their servers to web designers like us. The servers store your data, secure it, and allow content on the server to be accessed publicly when we choose to do so. Along with this service comes a huge bunch of apps, software and tools which both you and i need to build a great website. The work that goes into hosting is back-end web development, we choose to allow a dedicated and specialized company to deal with this so that we can focus on the front-end of your project. The fee you pay goes towards the cost of running the server and the cost of the service from both us and our hosting provider and is charged monthly. Our hosting packages include a free email account associated with the domain of your site, we also issue you with an annual SSL certificate free of charge so that your website can be hosted on a  secure address.

There are a number of options when it comes to hosting. Some customers already have their own hosting and grant us access to their server to begin work, some customers get us to setup the hosting service for them either with a provider of their choice or ours. Monthly prices for hosting can vary, you get what you pay for, the more money per month you invest into a hosting package, the better the service. This effects page speed, uptime, customer care, storage capacity, software.
Annual Costs

Domain Name

What is a Domain name? 

A domain is the address of your site. You pick your own name and consider something which is not too long, easy to read and something which directly represents what your business is. A domain name is important, getting a good domain certainly helps with SEO.

Its not possible to purchase a domain outright, you have to effectively rent the domain, it does not cost much its only about £12 per year. We buy your domain from our hosting provider then apply it to your server so that we can begin the process of building your site. Depending on what you choose as your domain you may find that it could already be taken by another business, we can find great ways of getting you an alternative. Once we get our first consultation underway we can perform searches for you to find the best domain name, and also pass on our advice on which name to go for.


What else can you do for me

Optional Extras

Whilst we provide you with a professional web design service, there are products that would benefit your site which we recommend. On your consultation we will run through these optional extras to give you the opportunity to plan then into your website from the beginning.


Most business's want to show their customers what they do or what they have done. There's no better way of illustrating your skill than a high quality photograph, we highly recommend this service, it is essential to provide great quality media, visually it helps with the final result of your site a tremendous amount, aside from appearance it also sends out a clear message that the work you do is top notch. Don't skimp on quality, and mobile phone photos are in most cases not good enough quality for us to use. We can get you in touch with out partner photographer who is experienced in web photography. Customers of ours who have used a professional photographer have reported boosts in sales from both social media and websites.

Video Production

We totally encourage video content, whether it is a 2 minute informative video, a 8 second background loop, or a slow motion crop of something awesome, if you really want to make an impression on your customers you can certainly do this well with video content. Having video content on your website sets it apart from most other sites, it keeps your visitors on your page, engaged and increases conversions.  

Logo Design

If you are a new business and haven't yet managed to get a logo We have a partner who specializes in logo design and would be happy to assist you in getting a logo made for your new site.

Animated Logo

Some logos can be rebuilt using code, which means we can then manipulate the code to create an animation. If this interests you please let us know.
social media

Social Media

Most of our customers don't use social media at all, some chose not too, other have never attempted to for various reasons. We can provide an in-depth tutorial on how to use social media, advice on what to do and how to maximise your results and get the ball rolling. Its not easy, but its certainly hands down the best form of advertising you can get since they are free to use. Since some of you may not be confident at setting up the accounts, creating profiles and managing your accounts, we offer a service to get you up and running.
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