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So if you've made your decision and you want to use our services to begin your epic website, we first need to have a chat or receive an application for your project. 

The foundation to a quality website is information and research. Whilst we are talented at what we do, that doesn't mean we are an expert in what you do, to bridge that knowledge gap we have to collect information about you and your business. We need to gather information on what you want from your site, the purpose behind its construction and also collect any images, videos and logos that you have. You can do this in 3 ways, arrange a meeting with us, send us an email, or fill in our application form which has all the questions we need answers for to get the website started. This gives you guys the opportunity to prepare for the questions so we can get the first stage of development going the right way.
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    I have so many questions

    Facts & Questions

    Here we address some of the common and often totally misunderstood information provided by our competitors. These are questions that we hear during or before a consultation. Our aim is to be completely transparent and debunk some of those myths created by really good marketing strategies from big CMS companies. We will give you the truth on how the web design industry has changed over the years and what impact that has had at the web designer end of the equation. CMS (content management system) arrived on the scene and over time began to take quite a dominant place on the market because of its appeal, this has caused a huge amount of problems to both the web itself and to web designers. CMS simplifies front end web design so that anyone can do it..... apparently. In reality people give it a go, and the end result is a terrible website. They keep the site online after they realize that that was the best they could do, and they forget about it. Multiply this by millions, and you have an unreasonable portion of the web showcasing poorly optimized and terribly presented content.

    If there is money to be made, a business will expand, but that doesn't mean that its good business and there was indeed money to be made. CMS companies have redesigned their software over the years so that they are easier to use and appeal to a broad audience of web builders simply because their customers feel that they can produce a website.

    "How much will it cost?"

    The cost of building a website depends entirely on what type of site you need, this can effect the time spend by us on your site. We do have a simplified price list which summarises each website group along with its cost. The bigger the site the longer it takes, the more it costs. Aside from the actual website there are other costs, a monthly payment for your hosting is required to run your site and an annual payment for your domain is also a requirement. Check our our pricing page to find out more

    "What do i need to get started?"

    In order to get started we need to collect information about you, and information about your business. We will ask a series of questions to about what your business does and things you want to focus on. This is an extremely important part of the process and sets the foundation to a quality website. The best thing you can do is be very clear about your business so that we can get as much information as possible.  

    "How Long will it take?"

    Its impossible to answer this question prior to getting any information on your site but we do aim to get your site completed within 2 weeks from the point of receiving your application.

    "I can build a website myself"

    Sure, there are platforms out there that allow people like yourself to use drag and drop interface so that you can build your own site. But you have to ask yourself, why is web design a profession if anyone can do it. There's  a lot more to it than than you might think, this is a complex job that requires in-depth knowledge to deliver a quality site. We can all try our hand at anything and achieve some results. Depends on how serious you are about your business and what kind of message you want to send out to your customers, a poor site is not a great start to converting visitors to paying customers. If you want a flawless site with all the bells and whistles you will quickly find that these free web builders are nothing more than extremely restrictive and poorly optimized. We don't use them because they just don't provide us with the tools we need, we don't use them because we are fluent in the coding languages used to build web sites, and can build what we need without paying monthly for tools that provide us with simple functions that we can code ourselves in minutes.  

    "I can get a website for much less"

    If someone is offering a website for a lot less then you have to expect that the site you are going to get is a template. This is not web design, there is no design in this process, no planning just a case of have a pre-made template, replacing the text and images then handing over the site. If you value your business then you don't want to use a service like this. We understand most of us are on a tight budget, but that extra cost is worth every penny and it the long run will pay for itself many times over.

    "WIX is free"

    Its not free, WIX has an extremely clever marketing strategy where it lures people into its service by giving you free use of their tools and a horrendous WIX domain. Once you have built your own site its customers are then compelled to begin paying for hosting to convert the domain into an actual domain, which isn't what you expect it to be. They charge a fortune for their hosting, £10.30 per month hosting plus an email account. Then you have to pay even more monthly costs for "apps" to unlock basic features on your site. This payment setup is ludicrous, and people fall for it all the time. All the apps they offer are included in our standard package, our hosting is way cheaper, and best of all you own the content of the site. When you build a site on WIX, they own the content. If you change your mind about hosting with them, tough! you will have to start again on another service, it cant be transferred outside of WIX.

    "WIX has free hosting"

    Again its not free, not actual hosting, the free hosting WIX offer is basically a testing platform domain with the sole purpose of luring you into a hosting package.
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