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What we do

Bespoke Web Design

We offer a bespoke web design service for small business's in the UK, our aim is to provide an amazing experience for both our customers and yours by delivering the best possible design using new and current concepts. Each business is different, and all the decisions we make are made with your business in mind, from its appearance and structure to the navigation and page transition. We want you to feel confident in our services, and we want to produce the best we can for you because our designs are extremely important to us.

We are front-end designers, which means most of the work we do is focused on the visual side of your website. We plan, research and illustrate your site. We build and test and also perform all of the essential back-end (server side) work too. Our main focus is bespoke work, creating unique content for you based on the information we are given during the consultation.
The process

Building a Website

Building a website is no small job, it takes a lot of time to collect information, to research and to setup your website software before we even begin to start working on the design of the site itself. There is also a lot of work which goes into the site after it is visually complete. Without going into too much detail we provide you with a list below which gives you an idea of the stages that go into building a website. The stages of this list ensure that the final product is of high standard. This is why we call ourselves bespoke.  
1. Consultation
2. Purchase domain
3. Setup your domain on our server
4. Setup SSL
5. Install software
6. Collect information and media from customer
7. Plan out the structure of the site
8. Establish an SEO plan from the structure and content
9. Research and design
10. Design proposal 
11. Construct site
12. Image optimization + code compression
13. Complete error checks
14. Publish content
15. Perform indexation of content
16. Site hand over
17. 30 Days free assistance
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