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Cas web design are a front-end web design service based in the north east of UK, we are situated in rural Northumberland in the historical town of Alnwick. Cas web design is currently owned and run by one keen coder, Jason Smith, both a business owner (creative art supplies) and a long term artist pursuing his interest in still life and figurative work. Jason has a huge amount of experience using both physical materials and software to design and build his projects. Jason's experience in graphic design taught him how to approach design and how to develop his ideas to a finished product using processes which optimize and deliver a high standard to his work. 

Jason began to change how he quenched his creative thirst by learning the fundamentals of web design back in 2015. He has always had a strong interest in technology and software, building his own computers and learning how to use programming languages. He started his journey by learning HTML, then CSS and then onto Java-script. This enabled him to begin applying his knowledge in art and graphic design visually and through the medium of coding languages.  

Being quite a hard to please character Jason was quite surprised at the satisfaction he got from his work, he continued to push his knowledge forward learning new skills and becoming much more efficient with his time.

"the more you learn about web design, the more aware you become of how many poor sites there are on the internet, I want to produce amazing websites because i'm passionate about my work, i love anything visual and technology has always my main interest. Combining the two together is perfect for me."
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